Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving companies require that you pay in cash, certified check, or traveler’s checks. You cannot pay with a personal check. If your company is paying for the move, we can normally extend credit to your company.

Plants can be moved but there is no guarantee of their condition at the destination. To be moved, plants must be boxed. Shipments moving to California, Arizona, and Florida are restricted from taking plants.

Moving companies can not transport live animals. Check with your veterinarian or kennel to arrange for appropriate travel plans for your pets.

Generally speaking, no. Van Line trailers can hold up to 30,000 lbs.

A detailed inventory of your household is prepared at origin by the driver. This inventory helps to keep your shipment from being mixed up with others on the truck.

You can expect them to be at your residence between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. depending on the driving time, traffic, weather, etc.

You should plan on it taking 1 full day for packing and 1 full day for loading.

A binding estimate is a guarantee that your charges will not exceed a given amount.

A Non-Binding estimate is strictly a guessbmate of the actual costs. The charge can go up or down.

Boxes packed by the mover are insured based on the type coverage purchased from the carrier. Boxes packed by the customer are insured only if there is external damage to the box.

Yes it is very important. If you are unable to be present, arrange for someone reliable to act as your representative.

You should give the moving company at least one week notice when moving during the months of October through April and at least 2-3 weeks notice when moving during the months of May through September.